A bunch of Shortcodes are available with this theme :


    The alert shortcode allows you to highlight information in your page.


    The Attachments shortcode displays a list of files attached to a page.


    Display an actionable button in your page.


    List the child pages of a page


    The Excerpt shortcode is used to mark a part of a page's content for re-use.


    The Excerpt Include shortcode is used to display ‘excerpted’ (that is, a segment of) content from one page in another. Before you can use this shortcode, the excerpt must have been defined using the Excerpt shortcode. Note that you can have more than one Excerpt Include shortcode on a page (although you can have only one Excerpt shortcode on a page). Usage Parameter Default Description filename required Type the filename of the page that contains the excerpt to be displayed.


    Displays an expandable/collapsible section of text on your page


    Display an icon.


    Flowchart example Show code ... {{}} graph LR; A[Hard edge] --|Link text| B(Round edge) B -- C{Decision} C --|One| D[Result one] C --|Two| E[Result two] {{}} mermaid.initialize({startOnLoad:true}); graph LR; A[Hard edge] --|Link text| B(Round edge) B -- C{Decision} C --|One| D[Result one] C --|Two| E[Result two] With sub-graphs and some style Show code... {{}} graph LR; X -- Y linkStyle 0 stroke:#f00,stroke-width:4px; Y -- Z Z -- X linkStyle 1,2 interpolate basis stroke:#0f0,stroke-width:2px; X -- A1 subgraph right A2 -- B2 B2 -- C2 end subgraph left A1 -- B1 B1 -- C1 end C1 -- X Z -- A2 C2 -- Z style Y fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px classDef left fill:#ccf,stroke:#f66,stroke-width:2px,stroke-dasharray: 5, 5 class A1,B1,C1 left {{< /mermaid >}} mermaid.


    Disclaimers to help you structure your page


    Allow you to highlight information or put it in a box.


    present content as a reveal.js slide