Customize website look and feel

You can change the style and behavior of the theme without touching it.

  • inject your own html, css or js into the page
  • overide existing css or js with your own files

No needs to copy the entire theme to customize some parts Bellow are solutions to avoid copying the entire theme into your own codebase.

Add custom CSS and JS or HTML into the <head> part of each page :

Create a custom header partial layouts/partials/custom-head.html

  • content/
  • layouts/
    • partials/
      • custom-head.html

write your own content like (an example from @nzbart):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/custom.css">
<script src="/js/custom.js"></script>

Then overrode the style your want to change in static/css/custom.css (in this case, to avoid altering the casing of titles):

h2 {
    text-transform: none;

And executed some additional JavaScript from static/js/custom.js (note that jQuery is already loaded by the theme):

function tweakPage() {
    // make some changes here


now feel free to add the JS, CSS, HTML code you want :)

Add custom HTML at the end of the body part of each page :

Create a custom-footer.html into a layouts/partials folder next to the content folder

  • content/
  • layouts/
    • partials/
      • custom-footer.html

now feel free to add the JS, CSS, HTML code you want :)

Overide existing CSS or JS

Create the matching file in your static folder, hugo will use yours instead of the theme’s one. Example :

create a theme.css and place it into static/css/ to fully overide docdock’s theme.css