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Hugo-theme-docdock defines two types of pages. Default and Slide.

To tell Hugo-theme-docdock to consider a page as a slide, just add a type="slide"in then frontmatter of your file. read more on page as slide

Hugo-theme-docdock provides archetypes to help you create this kind of pages.

Front Matter

Each Hugo page has to define a Front Matter in yaml, toml or json.

Hugo-theme-docdock uses the following parameters on top of the existing ones :

# Type of content, set "slide" to display it fullscreen with reveal.js

# Creator's Display name
creatordisplayname = "Valere JEANTET"
# Creator's Email
creatoremail = ""
# LastModifier's Display name
lastmodifierdisplayname = "Valere JEANTET"
# LastModifier's Email
lastmodifieremail = ""


Hugo provides a flexible way to handle order for your pages.

The simplest way is to use weight parameter in the front matter of your page.

Read more on content organization